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COMPLETED: October 2009/10 | Location in Devon | HD Eco Horror Feature Film | 83 minutes

Directed by Anthony Straeger, Produced by John Slocombe and Written by Stephen Gawtry, DOP – Dennis Morgan

Outline: In the summer of 1968, three teenagers went on a camping trip into Herongate Woods. What started out as a fun trip ended in a nightmare as one of the boys met with a tragic death. The other two escaped, but could only relay a tail of a hooded and horned man who terrorized them.

Forty years later, Caroline (one of the survivors) meets with a mysterious and tragic death. Ralph now the only survivor returns to the scene of the original incident with a documentary crew. As he relives the unfortunate episode the past catches up with him as the hooded man returns and the spirit of the forest is awoken with chilling consequences.

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Ivybridge Gazette local newspaper snoops around on set.

25/06/2010 on-line magazine review

Shock Horror Magazine, independent UK based Horror Magazine.

Don McCorkindale’s interview with Matt J. Horn

Anthony Straeger interview with Matt J.Horn



WINDSCREENshattered glass POSTER
IN DEVELOPMENT: | HD Horror Feature Film | 90 minutes

Proposal – Script available – Topsheet Budget

Written by Anthony Straeger

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Logline: The Trouble With Harry was that Harry was dead. The trouble with Jack is that he’s not. And that he’s stuck in Charlene’s windscreen.

Synopsis: On a late Friday night, Nurse Charlene drives home, drunk and high on drugs after a night out on the town. Along the way, she slams the breaks on – too late for down-and-out Jack as she smashes into him and he crashes through her windscreen where he becomes embedded. Unable to pull him out and believing him to be dead… Charlene, terrified of being found out, drives home, only to find to her horror that he is still very much alive and stuck in her windscreen and garage.

Her obnoxious neighbour Daniel (a man with his own agenda) soon finds out about Charlene’s desperate situation and in return for his services in resolving her situation and finding a way out of her nightmare that doesn’t involve a stretch inside, solicits sexual favour. Once Charlene’s errant boyfriend Ian, bisexual best friend Ellen (who discovers Ian betrayal of Charlene) become involved in the situation tension among the quorum run even higher as the weekend becomes a pressure cooker of lies, secrets and plans. The outcome is uncertain for all except Jack. Who finally dies.

When Ian discovers Ellen snooping around the house he takes it upon himself to save his own skin and kills her. Bereft of all human conscience, the gruesome trio hack Jacks body from the windscreen and take it for burial in a local copse. When the stress spills over at the burial site, Daniel becomes the final victim. Blood on their hands the murderous couple find themselves bound closer together… But will anyone discover their dark secrets?





IN DEVELOPMENT: | HD Horror Feature Film | 83 minutes

Proposal – Script available – Topsheet Budget

Written by Anthony Straeger
Directed by Moritz Mohr

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Logline: 1 game show, 6 contestants, 24 hour to play and £250,000 to the winner… It’s dead easy!

Outline: Andy wants to play for the money, Frank wants to have an excuse for a fight, Ellie has lost her man, home and is unemployed, Beth is sick of being afraid and wants to confront them head on, Dan hopes it will help him get laid, whilst Colin, well Colin just loves games! In this gameshow the contestants have a chance to win 250,000 pounds.

They will be locked inside a maze for 24 hours, with a pack of food and drink, a night vision camera attached to their shoulder, a torch and a gun. Shay will monitor every movement as they move through what proves to be a surprisingly hostile environment.

As they start to die one by one, panic sets in as they try to avoid their ultimate demise. The question becomes, not who will win the money but who will survive the maze.




busch poster

IN DEVELOPMENT: | History/Arts/Education Documentary | 90 minutes

Proposal – Treatment – Topsheet Budget

Written by Anthony Straeger

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LOGLINE: One of Germanys most famous artists and poets remains unknown to the rest of the world. His legacy as the Godfather of the modern cartoon and his outspoken nature makes him a compelling and original subject for a landmark English language documentary.

    • Wilhelm Busch is one of Germany best know and most loved artists and poets
    • His most famous work Max and Moritz (1837)  (sold 430,000 copies over 56 editions by 2008)
    • By 1997 Max and Moritz had been translated into 281 Languages and Dialects

(Wilhelm Busch Museum)

Max Moritz

There has never been an English Language documentary about this man and his phenominal body of work. The objective is to create a first documentary on his life and works and secondly to create a new version of Max and Moritz in time for their 150th anniversary in 2017.


ArtBox (Lithuania) Animators

tonbüro GmbH (Berlin) Sound

Wilhelm Busch Museum (Germany)