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Quid in Shrapnel is involved in the development of new scripts and productions. The core team comprises of

Anthony Straeger  O’neil Sharma  Martin Shenton


We are always looking for production partners in order to develop new and exciting projects.

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Current Projects include:



The Culling Policy

27 minutes drama – In Post Productions

Written by Anthony Straeger

SYNOPSIS: The government has a Wildlife Culling Policy something that has been passed behind the backs of the nation. They have avoided informing the nation the actual content of the policy and its sinister consequences include. Tom Moordenar (Martin Shenton) is an Ex army marksman turned Culling Management Consultant, who has a contract to terminate wildlife. The problem is whether the killing of wildlife can be deemed humane. A documentary crew lead by presenter Alexa Barrowman (Sophie Webster) set off to find out what the Culling Policy and how it really affects people like them!

ABOUT: The Culling Policy is set in and around Morecambe, produced and featuring local stuntman and businessman Martin Shenton (Reds 2, Les Miserable) and directed by Anthony Straeger (Call of the Hunter, Land of Mine). Regent Park Studios is a North-West independent stunt and sports school that is now producing it’s first significant film “The Culling Policy’. This film is a political drama that highlights the deceptions that the government will go to, to hide it’s true agenda and push through policies that the people have not had a say in.






Photoautomat Man

80 minutes Mokumentary – In Pre-Production

Written by O’neil Sharma and Anthony Straeger

Featuring: Sönke Möhring  –  John Keogh  –  Katja Wagner –  Hubertus Geller  –  Melissa Holroyd  and Denis Lyons

SYNOPSIS:  A documentary film crew decides to make a feel good documentary about one of Berlin’s most interesting characters.  A man who has spent years living in Berlin’s 21 analogue photo booths as a protesting: ‘No Gods, No masters’ against the increasingly capitalistic society around him. When a mystery surrounds the disappearance of of one of the crew, suspicious fall upon the Photoautomat Man and where the crew started with one question: ‘Who is the Photoautomat Man?’  They now find themselves asking: ‘What  is the Photoautomat Man?!’

SHOOTING STYLE:  Our intention is to make the documentary film crew the actual film crew using modern lightweight HD Spycam Glasses and Surveillance Hat Cams.  Our crew of experienced performers would be given on of the optioned camera and wired for sound. Hence, we would eliminate the need for additional film crew.  The aim is to allow the audience to see what we have filmed from their POV and there will be no shot cheating that you often find in many of these types of film (End of Watch, Paranormal Activity etc) where you ask: Who is filming that? – Where is the camera now? – How do we know this? As far as we are aware this type of film using this type of discipline has not been attempted.