Managing your time and become happier – tip, tricks and solutions so that you can managing your time better.

There is one thing I have learned through the good and bad years and that is you cannot escape the need to develop and use a ‘Time Management Strategy’. This course, time management course featuring tip, tricks, solutions can and will  help  you managing your time better.

I’ve experimented with many different methods, elements and principles, some have worked well and some haven’t, but, I do know that you don’t need to go to Harvard Business School to get organized, to learn the tips, tricks and solutions to good time management. And this in itself has helped me keep my sanity at times when I thought I might go under. You can create an Action Plan, a ‘To-Do-Lists’ and you can find ways of easily getting yourself back on track. If you do that, you can deal with your work and life so much better. By being organized you will feel like you have created extra time… Time for you!

I have written a number of articles on the subject of ‘Time Management’ and it is a subject that has amused, confused and helped me over the years. The course I created on Thinkific and the subsequent book started life in a lecture room on a media course in a college. During the lecture it became apparent to me that the biggest problem the young people faced and struggled with was ‘Time Management’ and being efficient and effective… Because of this ‘Manage Your Time and Become Happier’ was born. Both have a selection of tips, trick and solutions that will help you manage your time better and as a consequence give you space and time to be happier.

You can find a number of articles on me and the subject on my LinkedIn Page.

‘Manage Your Time and Become Happier’ is for anyone who wants to increase their efficiency and organizational skills. This course and book is for a student, a working mum, a small trader infact anyone who wants to be more efficient and effective. Using these tips, tricks and solutions, you can apply good habits starting at school and going through to retirement. Both course and book feature simple tips you can implement, tricks that you can apply and solutions to problems we face every day. Essentially, if YOU want to get organized this course IS FOR YOU.

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My name is Anthony Straeger

That’s me… hosting the WEBFEST BERLIN 2015

So how did I get from being self employed media person to writing a course on Time Management?

And who am I anyway?


I was Born in what is often referred to as Gods County, Yorkshire in England. I started out wanting to be a musician because I was rubbish at football and to get a girlfriend at my school, you needed to do one or the other. After some time and not a lot of luck, I decided I wanted to become and actor because Lisa F. (a handsome young woman I fancied) was an ‘Am-Dram-Lovie-Wannabe’.  So, I went off to study English and Drama at York University and alas I lost touch with her, but fortunately found other distractions! Once the deed was completed I left York with a tear in my eye and hope in my heart… Sadly, the hope floundered as I spent most of my time working in bars and restaurants to prove the worth of my new found degree.


I was working in an office and looking out of the window watching the snow fall, I became dissatisfied with my lot, my hometown was too small for a big fella like myself and so I quite, I packed my bags and made the move to the ‘Big Smoke’ London, where I spent the first six months living in the back of a van and managing to shave in cold water in a quarter round sink in the basement of the company I had another job with. Hard times – Yes! But learning times and after many sleepless and cold nights thinking; ‘I gotta go home!” I decided that was the last place I wanted to go… And THAT would mean defeat!

That’s my company… Small but beautifully formed.


Time moved on and things got better and now I have over 30 years of experience in the media industry, working within the creative and corporate industry. Within that time I have developed an array of transferable media skills, from technical writing and proofing to budgeting, production management and delivery of media products. My clients have been many including: McKinsey Solutions, The NHS (UK), Nokia and T-mobile to name a few. I’ve written and director a large number of artistic productions too, and my debut feature film ‘Call of the Hunter’ received acclaim and appeared in over 20 festivals worldwide. My documentary ‘A day in the life of Felix’ the story of a boy struggling with Nemaline Myopathy (a rare genetic disease) also received critical acclaim.

Now this all sounds lovely, a rags to riches story – Not really! The point is I am self-employed, I have a company, but that company for the main part is just ME! And although I can tell you I have had times when I’ve been flying high, drinking Champagne and doing very well paid jobs. But! There have been times… (days, months, even years) where I have to fight for every scrap of bread and wondered what the hell am I doing.

Thankfully, the tips, tricks and solutions, I have picked up along the way have made a difference and they have made me happier.

You can also find the book on AMAZON

You can take the course at THINKIFIC

So join me now and get yourself organized and give yourself some time for you

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Managing Your Time and Become Happier