Below you will find a small selection of work samples.

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Work Sample

Day in the Life of Felix

(59 minutes, Documentary)
In association with the NHS and InVent Health

Born in April 1999 with a rare form of muscular dystrophy condition called Nemaline Myopathy. Felix has the severest form and is on a ventilator, tube fed, uses a power wheelchair and has a whole set of issues arising from his profound muscle weakness. This film highlights Felix and his families day to day difficulties living and dealing with his circumstance.

DVD available ›› on Request    To buy or rent ›› on AMAZON.COM copy

Stagecoach Theatre Agency

(2 minute Web content video)

Call to action for the Stagecoach Agency website. It was made in association with a 16 minute film showing the young performers in action and explaining what the agency does for the students and members.

Sweetman’s Solicitors

(2 minute Web content video)

A website call to action showing Sweetman’s legal expertise and services that they offer.


(30 Television Commercial)

‘Ascentis driving your career forward!’is an English National Awarding Education Body 30 second commercial aired September 2009 for the North-West region of the UK.

The Road Home

A 15 minute Promotional Video in association with the NHS pediatric intensive care unit.

It shows the different stages that families go through to get their children out of hospital and back to a home environment.

The Making of… the Max Power Show – Birmingham NEC

(15 minute Promotional Video)
In association with Max Power and Rah Productions

…Still Kangol Fashion Show

(4 minute Promotional Video)
In association with Rah Productions