Corporate Scripts

Corporate Script Writing

Script writing for corporate videos and shows is always a daunting and exciting prospect. From the set to the performers, props, and music. It’s about blending and for me requires working with a few key facts about corporate script writing:

  1. Write with purpose.

What are you trying to achieve? What is the goal of your project? These are the first questions.

  1. Knowing the audience.

Identifying the target audience before moving onto the style and tone.

  1. Decide on a tone.

Once we know your audience, we then determine the tone to be use in the script.

  1. Value simplicity.

Creating a product these days is like making an ice cream cone. The cone, candy sprinkles, and chocolate sauce are all great, but what people are really buying is the ice cream.

  1. Shorter is better.

For a show length is determined by the amount being present live. But for a video, shorter is always better and approximately 90 seconds is a good target for a corporate video.

Below is a selection of scripts that have been created for different projects:


L'Oreal 100th birthday - Corporate Script WritingL’Oreal and ESA live

AN EVENING IN PARIS TOGETHER WITH PURE INSPIRATIONAL BEAUTY was the title for this production. The show took place in New York and was meant to be an inspirational evening in Paris set to the backdrop of the French Revolution. It combined traditional chic with  inspirational beauty.

Here is the show script View PDF





Tigi World Release show - Corporate Script WritingTIGI and ESA live

WORLD RELEASE SHOW commenced in 2013 when TIGI developed a series of live fashion/hair shows incorporating various themes over the next few years. This was the first, the BLADE RUNNER THEME. The script was broken into two sections for performance. The object was to combine both reference to product and the theme of the show

1st – Live Performance
2nd – VT Performance filmed by 16oz Productions

Here is the VT script View PDF



Knowledge - Corporate Script WritingMcKinsey Solutions


The brief was to get away from talking heads in offices and deliver something more theatrical and engaging. I offered this theatrical idea which was formed utilizing the aspects of the KNOWLEDGE into something that impacted both in style and colour and made for an interesting script especially the use of thought bubbles.

Here is the script in full View PDF